Somethings wrong with fortnitemares

I think scenario’s dark engine glider is broken

why are you posting fortnite here?

I saw this and I had to, I lost my crap immediately

Fortnite ≠ Vesteria >:o

no please god no no no no no

I don’t play Fortnite :joy:

I was saying vesteria is so much better then FN

I think I need to get my eyes checked :joy:

I hereby ban all things fortnite related from this forum.

You just mentioned the word tho :wink:

reported for even thinking about that word. Drat now I have to report myself too…

Yes, something is wrong with Fortnitemares…


by Epic Games
A trash basket, where immature money hungry 16 year olds get money

I agree but you are still mentioning that abomination so, reported

EpikGamezYT :joy: