Something strange

I made this account 2 days ago on 4th of July so why do I have 4 days visited? :thinking:

You used a time machine obviously.
How tho.

I am confused too lmao…WAIT MY EMAIL OH NO!!!

Can you share her email ?

I do not know it.

Fast edits!

U should’ve look for that loool
Like wat u did with me…

[Shameless Plug] You know you should like my “high effort” topic(not this one) so I can be user of the month :eyes:

[shameless plug] @WaterWolfX can make the daily stew not as attractive or @geo_cant_draw can make his draws not as good and ppl like it less so i can get uotm
Im still angry I didn’t get that badge

Don’t worry you will never get it because your account isn’t new.(had to abandon my old account because of this)

I give likes to the things that I…like.

What’s something you like?Need to make a post about it lul

U like my stuff right ? (Pls say yes)

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I mean, if you joined before a certain point in time on the fourth of July, you would’ve gotten two days in one, then in another two days, you’re at four.

W0W now that’s a strange mechanic.

It’s the only way I’m getting Regular before my trip to the beach.

Wow u can get regular…
I cant

Awww why not?

Cuz ummm

Aren’t those 21 flags fake flags from Lucky?(Sure hope Lucky didn’t flag me in his rampage a few days ago…)