Somebody explain this to me

Can someone explain why we can’t sit in this chair?

You need to be educated that these chairs are not for simply sitting, they are for eating
Note: Seats are for actual comfort sitting.

So we can’t sit in that chair, but we can sit in this chair?

whats the difference

You appear to feign ignorance on my knowledge of chairs… :sob:
If not clearly obvious, that other chair just wasn’t scripted which didn’t allow you to sit on it. The developers themselves just didn’t add the code where you could sit there. This other chair that you can eat in Nilgarf is already coded. There isn’t that much complications needless to say there isn’t much you can ask about it other than knowing the developers didn’t allow you to sit on it. Also chairs are delicious. You’ve been forgetting how delicious they are… nonetheless seems you won’t listen to this, you could just make up your own explanations not like mine would be right in the first place since they are merely assumptions as of why those chairs may not work. There are endless possibilities that can explain why they don’t work and this seemed to be the most logical. Okay, I’m done doing explanations here, ask someone else for further information about delicious chairs.

thanks for clarifying, makes much more sense now ;D