Some interesting opinions

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Honestly, seems like this is bait. Most of the arguments either boil down to opinion or ad hominem against the developers.

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they listened to stamina buffs, server browser, chest fixes, weapon attributes and shumpo dashing straight and more, honestly i agree with AnswerRemoved.

One of the most fricking reason why i continued to play vesteria if most of the community is NON TOXIC EXEPT FOR MOST GAMES THAT HAVE FORTNITE FRICKING KIDS IN THEM

its just like konekokitten said: “Don’t go to these videos, if you put a hate comment its exactly what they want, attention.”

Oh hey, it’s Lucky. Yeah, this is a troll video.

Lucky? Didn’t he post NSFW on like 12 different accounts and got banned on all of them?

I’m not even defending the video because there’s plenty of stupid things in it, and it’s an old video of older problems, but you’re joking if you think the community is mostly non toxic.

That he did, or mainly swearing and racial slurs.

Added more rage videos.

maybe im not seeing enough

lmao its lucky

Since humble is a very well known tds youtuber and i’ve known him in the community(not personally) he’s told his fans to hate on 02 (arsenal meme / skin) and makes some bs stuff ngl (he kind of brainwashes his fans kinda) and he talks about a lot of stuff and doesn’t know the full context to it and by making that video and not giving criticism and not knowing the full context to and downright just making the game worse than it was and makes people that have seen that video less of a chance to purchase it if its a “trash” and “dead” game. I feel like he doesn’t want to be “wrong” too.

He uploaded it and got a 3 day ban and arguing that it’s a false ban. image
He obviously knows that its hate speech towards a group but it doesn’t say it. It’s a no brainer that reason is for hate speech towards a certain group of people and then proceeds to report a problem and pretty much make the moderation have to “read” that and take the time away from a possible real report.

humble: enters whispering dunes at level 30
humble: this game is so bad the developers are killing their [email protected]#[email protected]

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