Some ideas i have

Since the release, people have been bashing the intelligence skill and how it does not really do anything significant for each of the stat points which you have poured into it. As i was reading some other forum posts about wizards and how it would probably get a rework, giving it magic based spell attacks as an auto attack option and an introduction of the concept of new sub-classes such as the priest. At that moment, i got a strange idea. If that mechanic would be implemented into the game, how cool would it be if the enemy mobs could inherit some of that mechanic as well.

Lets say that a future idea such as goblins would be implemented into the game. Since goblins are generally seen as small beings and pretty weak looking (except for those who has seen “Goblin Slayer”), they would be “travelling” in a group of 3-4 goblins? Perhaps maybe 2 goblins soldiers and a goblins shaman where as the goblin shaman has the ability to fire ranged magical attacks on you and also have a healing spell it can use to heal its fellow footsoldiers. This could perhaps up the difficulty grade, and perhaps force the players to create parties so that it would be more co-op based.

What im getting at is that many rpgs rince and repeat the old recipe and perhaps maybe adding 1 or 2 new skills into the skill pool along the way, but they would often not take another look at the mob pool. Perhaps introducing flying enemies in the future where certain classes has a clear advantage over them in comparison to others (perhaps introduce another active skill or item that every class can use to take down flying mobs to the ground, not making the other classes completely useless.) How about adding other effects such as a posion effect, staggering effect or other effects on the enemy mobs, and perhaps give them access to a certain skill.

I am just brainstorming random stuff, but i do have high expectations for this game and im excited for what the future will bring. Fight on, Devs!.

Ooh, the goblin idea is kind of cool. :3

Honestly though overall the other idea about flying enemies is pretty good too… and your other idea about adding other effects. Hopefully they will consider some of it! :slight_smile:

This is a really cool idea and I think it would make for much interesting battles. I hope berezaa and his team add magic damage-dealing enemies.

I’m sure they will. Would be kind of lackluster if every enemy dealt physical damage.

Sounds great almost exactly like BDO gave up on the mmorpg tho #paytowin :frowning: