Some Good Things to Know

So it increases Stamina proportionally…hmm.

Good to know, it will encourage mass killing of monsters to make a giant one appear by chance.

One more thing, Polymorphic said something about dealing an “acceptable” or “impactful” amount of damage to receive drops, but I’m not exactly sure of the exact percentage, maybe 15%?

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Based on ber’s statement, stamina can be measured by 1+0.05x, with x being one level of DEX and 1 being the starting amount of stamina.

So one can run for 4 seconds with 0 DEX, right? That means you can run for 20 with 80 DEX

Every 20 Dex Gives You Basically 4 Seconds Of Sprint So You Are Indeed Every Correct!

So 1 DEX = 4/20 (nice) seconds of sprint= 0.2 extra seconds of sprint? I mean hey, if you wanna invest 20 levels into DEX, you’ll outrun anybody lol

What is this math?

Pythagorean’s Trigonometry Obviously.

Oh… i “totally” know what that is!