Some Bugs that Require Attention

  • Inventory is counted as full when you pick up a golden drop even though there would be one space left and that drop would vanish into thin air upon pickup
    • But if you start a new stack of a stackable item it will fill that last slot
  • Running then Ground Pounding while running makes you “walk” at the speed of sprinting until you press shift again, similar to the fishing pole bug
  • Zap’s cooldown activates and takes mana when not using a staff, does nothing at all when using a non-staff weapon
  • Magic bomb sometimes flies so high into the air that it explodes in midair before getting close to the ground (the auto aim with it is just overall wack)
  • Skills can be used after dying before respawning
  • Ground Pound can significantly increase jump height when used right after jumping
  • Rolling then jumping about a quarter second after allows one to gain great speed
  • All skills except Ground Pound and Regeneration have a cooldown reset after landing a finishing blow on an enemy (Idk if that’s intended or not since only Execute used to do that)

You forgot that you could jump really high if you jump then press the skill button for it (for ground pound)


Mhm, you could potentially go out of bounds with that glitch I mentioned, same with the uppercut skill.

  • Groundpound and roll glitch can be done in unison to get height and distance