Solo dungeons at high lvl

So basically,

I just reached lvl 47 and i’m at a point where doing sqr’s are just too easy and i can kill the boss in under 30 seconds.

I feel like enabling the option to solo dungeons would benefit both sides of high lvl players and low levels,
because we wouldn’t need to steal the boss kill of low levels causing them to not have any loot.

You could potentially fix this by making a solo mode for the dungeon but making it drastically harder for the player.

~edit: Also getting kicked mid game to get rid of the high dps user is also a thing yes

Yes make this happen please, I just want to grind mushpoc without having the pain of finding a team

I agree. This could make a tremendous difference in the game playability and the player base. More high level players would come back. And it would make it more fun to play just grinding through everything!

Please vote so bereza will notice :smiley:

Please vote so bereza will notice :slight_smile:


I think this would be a nice addition.



I’m for this but I also feel like this would make getting scrolls waaay too easy. You shouldn’t just be able to solo sq and get tons of cursed/ancients every run so maybe just drastically lower loot drops depending on the amount of players participating in the dungeon.

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I agree with that part.

I disagree, despite the obvious benefits coming my way if this idea came through.

Too much scrolls mean they arent rare anymore, rangers would take advantage of their strength to punch their way straight through SQ dungeon millions of times.

This would also cause people to just attempt solo and deny any help because obviously, more loot for them. That is why I feel that this idea seems good for the player in paper, but questionable in practice.

Mostly why we should add a major decrease in loot.

Then what’s the point? Would not it be more fun with other people?

You are potato so i support by default

I think it would be harder for lower level players to find a party let alone one that has a high portability of winning, I remember just wanting to survive the whole thing but all the high levels party’d with other high levels it was a pain

Like i said, for solo dungeons you could potentially make the dungeon harder to scale up with your level, then you could decrease drop rate of certain items if you play solo so you won’t get flooded with cursed scrolls

Bumps epicly

this post needs to be bumped, i spent 4 mins trying to find a mush apoc party i finally found one and this happens

then 10 mins later this happens

worse part is that they BOTH sent me to enchanted forest for some reason

Not sure if I agree with your sentiment though I definitely understand your concerns.

Assuming at maximum you could get two scrolls every 20 minutes with SQR for example - that’s 6 scrolls (at best) for 1 hour of gameplay.

I don’t think it’s as bad to have more scrolls, especially now that failed slots are back - unless your concerns are devaluing the current scrolls?

I have personally wanted a new method to farm for Holy Scrolls outside of Mushroom Apocalypse and I believe solo-raiding could be a viable solution.

I can’t decisively agree with this suggestion overall due to my lack of understanding as to loot drop allocation, or how it would be adjusted to work with solo-raiding - making the dungeon incredibly challenging with risks of death penalty? Who knows (though I believe people will always find a way to cheese high difficulty cough Rangers).

Yeah, it’s always so hard to find a Shroompocalypse part nowadays, but it’s getting more popular since the failed slots were reintroduced and people want Holy Scrolls to remove those failed upgrades.

or even getting cursed scrolls

Solo dungeons discourage teamwork, which I highly encourage for in Change up how dungeons work, giving all subclasses a role

Really, I just don’t want people to just do SQR after SQR by themselves because if someone wants to actually team up, it’s going to be hardder on them.

It’s convenient, but I want this solo dungeon kinda thing kept away for kinda the same reason why we can’t hold click anymore to attack.