Socket/Slot/Reinforcement Feature

WARNING!! Im stupid english Thx for understanding me
Just my opinion

i think will cool if Vesteria Beta will like MMORPG another game have feature like Refining/Socket/Slot/Reinforcement.

All Monster have 1 unique iitem -> Monster Idol with Extreme Chance rate 0,001%

Ex :

  • Baby Shroom Idol (Headgear) = +1 Hp
  • Hog Idol (Armor) Idol = +10
  • Crabby Idol (Weapon) Idol = 5 Atk, -10 Hp
  • Guardian Idol (Lower Armor) Idol = 1% Greedy
  • Spider Queen Idol (Boots) = 1% all stats

And the monster idol can put to Weapon or Armory according the category.
and every Weapon and Armory need open the Socket/Slot/Reinforcement first

How Socket/Slot/Reinforcement Idol ?
maybe with 3 Option for getting Socket/Slot/Reinforcement Idol.

  1. Grind from The Yeti, Chad, Mokotuaa with 10% or up to you (Boss Map Only)
  2. New Npc or Old Npc Sell the Socket/Slot/Reinforcement Idol with Expensive like 1g or more up to you
  3. Monsieur Fred Sell with Eltyrs.

The Weapon and Armory just have 1 or 2 Max Socket/Slot/Reinforcement
and the Idol have chance failed when do Socket/Slot/Reinforcement.

Last the idol cant be unsocket/unslot/unreinforcement… so bercarefull!!
the last hope for unsocket/unslot/unreinforcement -----> Buy Monster Scroll from Monsieur Fred with Eltyrs

Thanks for reading :smiley:

any translations

I think I know what you mean
like being able to craft idols into your items to get it boosts?

that would be cool
so scrolls that give stat buffs