So whats good about assassins?

Imo assassins are underpowered, thats my opinion and I don’t like my opinion. Please change my mind.

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I have no idea but apparently 90% of all servers in vesteria are just assassins, I think its the single target DPS and being able to use a bow and a dagger at the same time that they like.

What’s so burst damage about them thou

They are kinda weak as far as pve, but absolutely murder during pvp. Their cloaking and burst dmg is way hard to beat.

if they hit someone while invisible it will do more damage, meaning they can sometimes 1 shot people with execute

They are basically TF2 Spies. Use Sorcerer or Cleric to Spycheck them with Meteor or Flare, boom.

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so in pve, under powered but in pvp, which isn’t too big of a deal currently, their op?