So what do you all do while grinding in Vesteria?

  • Watch Anime(or just regular Youtube Videos)
  • Eat chips(or anything)
  • Listen to anime OPs
  • Listen to regular songs/music
  • Play the game normally
  • Other(Reply wht it is)

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and, if u chose watch anime, reply wht anime u watch B)

I watch this anime called spongebob i’m not sure if any of you heard of it.

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unsubscribe from t-series

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u were subscribed to t series?

i watch a bunch of different stuff so i have no one particular anime or yt video

I basically don’t grind. I sit down sleep, and click in the middle of the night. Just kidding, hah got you! I actually just play xd.

OH NO, I clicked watch anime! But in reality, litsening to anime OP’s is SO ACCURATE OMG.

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Search “Bens White People Mix” on spotify :100::ok_hand:t2::fire:

I listen to Gintama’s openings while playing lol

I have converations with the people in game which is quite amusing. I also got to talk to Berezaa, though it was more of a one sided conversation.

I usually just play the game normally, but watching anime while grinding sounds fun aswell.
As for what anime, doesn’t matter which one as long as I enjoy it.

I listen to my music playlist, also, ew anime

I watch vids, and maybe listen to KH RE:COM Music. Nothing too extraordinary.

I Don’t Grind Level 16 here not wanting to be bored with vesteria so waiting for new stuff for us

I mostly listen to podcasts.

I may or may not watch movies illegally on my second monitor.

I have conversations in the chat and listen to music.