"So, what can your subclass do?"

Hello! This is my first suggestion (and post) on the Vesteria Forums, and as time goes on I’ll be posting several other suggestions I have planned out. For now, let’s start with this one.

I am aware that suggestions for new abilities aren’t going to be viewed with much enthusiasm, as they are supposedly set in stone. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t try my hand at throwing a few more abilities on the plate just for kicks, and you’ll find exactly that below.

For each subclass, I’ve suggested a unique active and passive ability that applies to their playstyle as well as their affinity to their god of choice. I went with a basic description for each one; enough for people to get a decent feel for what they might do in combat. And most importantly, I tried to make each of them fun and impactful. Even if you’re adamant about subclass abilities already being decided, take a look for yourself and decide if there’s anything here that makes you go “man, I really want to see this in the game!”

| Oathbinder (Active) - A powerful shot which never misses. If it hits an enemy performing an attack, they will receive increased damage and have their attack interrupted. Against a boss, the attack’s damage may instead be reduced depending on the nature of the attack.
| Full Bend (Passive) - Charge up your bow even further, allowing you to fire arrows at a heightened velocity and with reduced drop. They’ll deal more damage and even pierce through enemies!

| Coup de Grace (Active) - Slice an enemy and expose a critical weakness in them, reducing their defense and causing all attacks against them to have an increased critical chance for a short time. Using this against an enemy with half health will cause critical hits to deal up to double an attack’s base damage.
| Hidden Strike (Passive) - Attacking an enemy from behind deals additional damage and has double the critical chance. If a backstab is performed from concealment, it will pierce through half of the enemy’s defense.

| Blindside (Active) - Warp next to an enemy and immediately aggro them. If five seconds pass or you are hit by an attack, the damage will be negated and you will be warped back to your original position.
| Job Satisfaction (Passive) - After you defeat an enemy, moving out of the melee range of other enemies for several seconds restores a portion of your MP and resets all cooldowns.

| Aegis (Active) - Summon a circle of protection that cures most status effects and then increases passive block chance and knockback resistance. If an enemy attacks within a second after the circle is summoned, it will be blocked for significantly reduced damage.
| Rejuvenation (Passive) - While in a party, you and your allies receive a small bonus to your maximum MP as well as your MP regeneration.

| Terul’s Fervor (Active) - Focus on a single target, slowly depriving them of their stats in order to temporarily boost your own. You can spend up to five seconds draining a target in order to get the most out of this spell.
| Blood Tap (Passive) - When you are out of MP, you can continue to cast spells by using a portion of your HP instead, increasing their power significantly.

| Arcane Burst (Active) - Send out a multitude of small needles which seek out nearby targets at random, dealing damage to them. More enemies means more needles!
| Concentration (Passive) - You are capable of performing spells and abilities continuously, allowing you to maintain a constant stream of damage as long as you have MP to spend.

| Vesra’s Gambit (Active) - An expensive, highly powerful ability which demonstrates your strategic might.
|| Solo: Summon holy spirits of mounted paladins who charge forward, each dealing high damage to enemies and interrupting their attacks.
|| Party: Empower the party to perform their next non-ultimate ability at no cost to their MP. These abilities are guaranteed to critically hit and deal additional damage based on the user’s critical chance.
| Resolve (Passive) - While your HP remains near its maximum, a holy aura grants a significant boost to your strength and attack range.

| Tempest (Active) - Allows you to perform a strong multi-attack based on the type of melee weapon you are using, spending MP each second. After three seconds have passed or you stop using the ability early, you will spend more MP to perform a finisher.
|| Sword: Launch a rapid flurry of swings, hitting enemies in front of you until you finish with a deadly overhead swing.
|| Axe: Perform a whirlwind, spinning around with your axe to hit everything around you. Afterwards, you will send your axe into the ground, causing a shockwave.
|| Spear: Focus on an individual target and savage them with a multitude of spear thrusts before finishing with a wide frontal sweep.
| Adrenaline (Passive) - When your HP starts getting reduced below a certain threshold, your attack speed and critical hit chance begins to increase.

| Battle Trance (Active) - Mentally prepare yourself for the incoming onslaught by halving your ability cooldowns, gaining a modest increase to CON, and reducing the visual effects of taking damage.
| Chivalry (Passive) - Unlike other passives, this one can be enabled or disabled. While this is enabled, you may intercept attacks on behalf of nearby allies, and non-AOE attacks will only damage you.

Thanks for reading my suggestion! If any of these abilities are planned or are already in the game, my bad. Otherwise, I’d love to hear your feedback on these!

Sorry to say, but subclasses moves have already been planned. Some are still in the works like knight but some like ranger is already finished.


I like some of these skills though, especially Coup de Grace.


I dig the block chance and knockback res, but how many negative status effects are there? As far as I’m aware, there are very few (like caustic wounds) negative status effects.

Blood Tap seems like the dark ritual spell they already have (health into MP) but better.

Concentration (Sorc) Text is flavorful, but would that mean no cooldowns on abilities? Cool as that would be, it’d be rather unbalanced in that you could instantly throw out, say, six venom bomb.

Just my opinions on some of your mage ones, since that’s what I have the most experience with. If I didn’t comment on it, I like it!

For that part of Aegis, I am pretty much banking on negative status effects being prominent later in the game, since that would surely keep things interesting.

Blood Tap is the filler part of this suggestion because of Dark Ritual. Still, I was wondering how viable it would actually be in practice, considering the existence of potions and the absence of any secondary effects. If it’s not going to be a passive effect, could I gain anything else from sacrificing my HP?

Concentration is a good point, and it would definitely need changes depending on the spell. Basic, spammable spells wouldn’t be an issue, but some powerful spells would likely have costs associated with maintaining them, making certain spells more or less effective for burst damage when cast this way.
This passive in particular is inspired by a similar upgrade from The Witcher 3, which allows the fire spell to let loose a stream of fire and the shielding spell to provide a constant active shield.

Knight’s get a summon a squire ok bye