So what are your general opinions on the game?

I enjoy the game because it’s probably the most RPG-like roblox game I’ve ever played. It has classes with various types of advantages and skills, as well as “boss” fights, and the best part is knowing that there’s more content coming, and not too long from now.

If you think this is good, come back in a month… and when the sub classes come out especially, it’ll be amazing, i can’t believe you’re this impressed with only 3 skills per class, i mean i like the game but so far there’s not much

I only came last Saturday, I still haven’t seen everything due to the bugs, but I’m hyped up. Only if I played the first playtest. But I feel it’s quite awesome, it felt like i wasn’t playing Roblox after playing for an hour.

Yes, what it has right now is very high quality, not enough content yet but the game will be incredibly good.

Been enjoying it a lot so far. The global damage bug sucks, but I’m looking forward to seeing what content is added in the future.

Downright amazing.

My opinions on this… It. Is absolutely, hands down, no questions asked, fully regarded as:

The best game anyone can play!

Think about it. THIS IS ON ROBLOX! That is what makes this even more amazing. Wooooohooooooo!!! YEAH! LUV THIS!