So uh, thanks I guess

Ok so I was just looking at stuff and realized my Chest Guide is the 2nd most popular non-dev made topic on the forums (after @Cube’s Vesteria Screenshots topic) So uh, ya… thanks guys! :smiley:

(do you guys want me to make more guides?)

  • Yes
  • No

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Woo! You go Bean! :+1::triumph::scream:

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u should make a guide about this web

u can hit spiders through this web and kill them it’s very useful for low level farming but it works the best with hunter with the double jump so you can go through the web eaiser
oh btw this was before spider spawns were slow down

Good work, Bean. I’m glad to see that you’re proud of yourself. Also, before I forget, here you go! You’re it.

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facepalm reaction is needed FacepalmCat