So mage is still trash my 4th rant

Well im here again to complain about mage. I thought by alpha they would have balanced the classes better but no ;(.

1.Mages dps is still insanely low compared to other classes and overall hard to use relying on mage bomb as their main attack ability The mage bomb at 16 is only doing 250-300 something damage on crabs and less on spiders and that is with a full intel load out and the move doesn’t even hit a lot sometimes flying in the air.
2. A lvl 15 warrior can kill spiders as easily as a lvl 20 mage could. This not only creates a big unfair grinding gap but also makes it no fun to be a mage as you have to overgrind and with the new update with exp balancing its gonna be INSANELY hard to keep up.
3.Mage has only 1 skill currently able to deal damage and that cool down is somewhat long and as mentioned before a lot of times doesn’t hit ;(.

Sorry about this rant just hope it gets fixed as it is already alpha and giving others a VERY unfair advantages over mages hope this gets fixed soon I mean no hate to the devs I love what you guys are doing.

the reason im now starting a hunter file

mage bomb misses a lot due to auto aim. I think if they allowed the ability to toggle auto-aim on and off, and also fixed auto-aim entirely, mages would have a better time in both PVE and PVP. I also think mages need a lot more actually useful skills instead of just a (soon to be) nerfed movement skill, and a really hard to level up bomb.

all in all mages are garbage right now but I assume they will get better with the following weeks.

mage ftw!

I think the magic system as a whole is just bad, the attacks take too long to hit, they should be instant, mp regens too slow… they just need to look at another games magic system like WoW

We’ll address mage concerns soon. Unfortunately fixing Zap was a slightly larger undertaking and out of the scope of the quick patch we released today.


speaking of the patch, what did u do in it anyway

Screwed tons of things up and made its 10x harder to lvl >:(

See XP curve changes here:

Mages are my baby. Don’t worry, we are working on changes. I’ll make sure the mage class sees a nice revival very soon.


:no_mouth: sounds promising

Im just scared that this is not being treated with as much urgency as it should if the new mob update or dungeons get pushed out before a core piece of the game of making the classes balanced that would make me even more sad as then mages would be even less fun to play and no one would want to team up with them for dungeons etc and as I mentioned overleveling is no longer a answer sorry for all the negative replies just really dont want to see me and my beloved mage class left in the dust ;(!

I don’t give you the right to complain about mages being underpowered when you one shot me in a duel and our level gap wasn’t to considerable. :sob:

if you had leveled up your strength, you would’ve survived.

Mages dont do strength. they do INT

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