So I was right! yay

How do you all feel about the Spider Sword and Staff?

you were right about what?

Why are the staff and sword pink but the dagger purple?

The staff is very hawt

“oh yeah! hunter finally has something that makes it actually seem relevant in the game! everyone else has movement abilities and constant high dps, but we have spider fang dagger!”


It’s just an old stick left in an attic for 20 years

I made a topic a while back when spider queen was announced, talking about a Spider Fang Sword and a Spider Staff

congrats? I guess? I think it was pretty easy to figure out that there will be an entire Spider Fang weapon set.
And I am like, 90% sure that berezaa even showcased them during on of his streams

We might add a Spider Bow for the official release of the Spider Queen.