So, I am working on this Roblox place. (completely unrelated to vesteria)

I am working on this little Roblox place all on my own called Homeworld and I asked Berezaa for ideas (over and over again, probably too many times (Berezaa if you see this, I’m sorry if I annoyed you)) and he said he didn’t have any. Do you guys have any ideas for areas I could make, like a forest, plains, or river or something? The game is:

What about a portal to some alternate dimension?

what about a magical forest full of elves?

Due to some lore all NPCs are mineral based, but I can make something similar, that’s a good idea!

OOH that’s a really good idea, I’ll incorporate that somehow.

But, it’s not a good idea to take massive ideas right off the bat and your still accepting it. I know you want to have the community’s opinion but too much stuff involves too much work and it’ll be hard to focus on main ideas for the game. Get your game ready before taking in too many ideas.


yeah, that’s one of the first “NPCs” I added.

I agree with what you are saying, right now I don’t plan on adding these areas anytime soon. I am currently working on a secret area called friend fortress (to get to it go right of where I am in the picture below.) where I have mineral NPCs of my close friends and houses for them. If you want to see all the previous updates then this is the update log:

Sorry about the plug.