So apparently they added bosses?

I haven’t been active in the vesteria community or game and I was wondering if they added bosses. (or atleast any bosses that aren’t events)

no they have not. berezaa did a stress test to see how 60+ players would do against the soon to be added boss, the Spider Queen.

they’re just testing it lol i’m pretty sure they test it every day so maybe you can attack the boss.

welp rip lol, seems like mages were made better though, so i might try and get to lvl 25 with it. Hope dungeons get added pretty soon lol

this ^. Sadly, berezaa probably isn’t going to do more of these stress tests with the Spider Queen because we kinda got salty about the loot lol.

that’s potm for you: ruining everything :weary:

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We’ll continue spawning, but moving forward we will be disabling loot drops on it until its officially in the game.

Ah, thank you.