Snel Syndrome: A new disease discovered in Shiprock Bottom

Attention, fellow Vesterians!
I have discovered a new disease originating from Shiprock Bottom.
I call it “Snel Syndrome” after the main carriers of the disease.
Symptoms include:

  • Desire to stay underwater for long periods of time
  • Obsession with shells
  • Compulsive desire to kill snail-like creatures
  • Tenency to stand still while mobs attack

As of yet, I have been able to find only one way to treat this affliction, but it is currently incurable. To cure Snel Syndrome, one must spend several days on the Forsaken Isle. The strange magical radiations of the island seem to be the only treatment. Note that the treatment does not cure the disease, only delays its effects. Left unchecked, the disease is fatal.


Let’s eradicate all Snels.

First forum post to interest me in a while. Epic.

You forgot the sounds that occur underwater that doesn’t occur on the surface

definetely not copied by another older disease.

I think I have it…
should I see my cleric?

You should, but you should first make sure you have suitable aquatic gear. The reason this disease proves fatal is by staying underwater too long and suffocating.

“Desire to stay underwater for long periods of time”

Alternative title: Aquaman Syndrome

Alternative Title: drowning kink


Wait, why wasn’t this on the news……?

Why is there so many viruses popping up.
Corona virus will affect Vesterians