Snail damage at full health and at end

almost impossible to dmg most enemies until they’ve been damaged once

the 0 health bar happens to snails only I think

bUt aT fUlL hEaLTh; i cant even farm them

sad blubble moment

When mobs kill other mobs, they become immortal.

This is a former example of the immortal glitch, a common glitch that had strengthened much more when the Beta Vesteria came out. The weird thing about the glitch is that you cant separate who’s who, considering these bugged versions of the usual mobs act exactly the same. (Except in rare instances where mobs fight eachother, where these occurrences usually happen in specific locations e.g: The Sewers.) But I do agree farming has become much more sluggish because of this.

Back in alpha, this glitch was much more rarer to occur and could be shouldered off instead of being annoying. Better times. :pensive:

Too bad loser we’re in beta

This happened to me too, but this happened with rat and bat.

i’ve seen this happen to

  • batties
  • ratties
  • all snel types
  • baby yetis
  • scarecrows
  • goblins