Small Rework with Cleric's Resurrection and Flare

Cleric right now is already fine. It’s skills work fine and in my opinion it’s pretty balanced but, I feel as if two tiny changes were made Cleric’s Resurrection and Flare, Cleric, could be a more viable option for mages. I do also understand that Cleric is a support so it’s not meant to do much damage.

  1. Flare: Flare is the only attack move the Cleric Sub-Class has. It deals a small amount of damage to the enemy and heals allies for a small amount. The main problem? IT HAS A THIRTY SECOND COOLDOWN. Plus, the damage is quite small so even if it’s used in a crowd it won’t actually even do that much damage, more or less even kill the enemy unless your a way higher level than it.

Now what should be changed with Flare? In my opinion Flare should have a maximum of a 15 second cool down allowing it to be used more frequently. Flare should also have a small damage buff as well so it can be a better multi-target skill. In pvp, Clerics aren’t very good so maybe allow Flare to also have a 1-2 second blind effect when used on a player.

  1. Resurrection: The only skill in the game that can bring a dead person back to life. Great in SQR and in parties when someone dies to a mob. Overall Resurrection is a great move and is very useful in any scenario.

Now what should be changed with Resurrection? Well, due to Clerics being the only one with this ability they need to be alive for it to work. Now here’s what I think should/could change. Resurrection could gain a nerf to it’s cool down and have it go from 2 min to anywhere from 2 min 30 sec to 3 min. In exchange, Clerics could get the ability of Resurrecting themselves upon death. Now I understand that this could be classified as extremely busted and unfair so I believe something else that could limit the Clerics is that if they were to revive themselves they could sacrificing 10%-15% gold and 10%-20% of their exp. Making it only viable if they really needed to revive themselves.

Anyways that’s what I think could be changed with Clerics and, keep in mind that this is just my opinion.

If clerics could resurrect themselves that would be a huge problem since clerics take so darn long to die anyways. Flare personally is fine to me. It’s a support skill that does damage over a HUGE area. If you picked cleric for anything other than support you made the wrong choice.

Yeah, Clerics in SQR are super OP, they can clear all the Spiderlings in a room with one use.

Yes but that’s usually with a person that is a way higher level than the base dungeon. Main change that would really be nice would just be having a smaller cd that’s around 15-20 seconds.

30 is only 5 levels above 25, the average level of SQR players.

Just because Cleric has the ability to heal does not mean it must be 3x harder to grind and 3x less fun than other classes.

No matter what you pick, you should be having fun.

People pick Cleric because they want to help others, be the kind guy, not the kind guy who doesn’t get to have fun.

30 second cooldown is insane, but I’ve heard that it’s already getting replaced so that is why I do not talk about it anymore.

that res rework is definitely bad lol

Don’t you already lose 10% money and 20% xp on death?