Small glitch with warrior

If you use Combat roll and then jump shortly after it kind of extends the length you travel. If that doesn’t sound right that’s my fault for I am terrible at explaining things, but when you combine this with running it works waaay better and can be used to travel long distances.

Yup, I use this a lot. Maybe we can call out “It’s a feature, not a bug” on this??

I’d say fix the bug, then boost the ability. I really like long distance combat roll.

Can we implement b-hopping into the game please. Or we going to have start b-rolling.

I think you’re asking the wrong person for that.

Was more just a joke not targeted.

ahokmymistake :no_mouth:

the sprint + roll + uppercut jump combo has been in the game ever since lunge uppercut has been first introduced and the developers have stated multiple times that it is, in fact, a bug and isn’t a feature.
they attempted to fix it and partly accomplished this since performing it is harder then in the past but still possible

It was possible as soon as they added the Combat roll skill. The addition of the lunge uppercut skill just made it better.

Yeah, I’ve noticed it got harder, but it didn’t make a huge difference.

shutt upp its a feature XD, don’t remove our mobility :confused: why does people have to be boring and get rid of all the fun part.

Probably because it was never an intended feature and having the ability to jump 20 feet away using a move meant for rolling is kinda unfair and completely unbalanced compared to the other two faction’s movement skills? :thinking:

I’m a warrior and I’m gonna be real with you chief, this shouldn’t be there. It’s way too op. I agree it’s fun but should definitely be removed, a warrior shouldn’t have that kind of mobility. And don’t give me the “oh it’s convenient” because teleport runes are coming soon :wink:

Pretty sure mages and Hunters will be able to do same thing if anything hunters will even have way more mobility

Well yes, that’s how it should be. Warriors shouldn’t be so fast.

I think we kinda have a bhop system in this. xd