Smaccdown them chickens

Ok so I assume everybody here has played The Legend Of Zelda or seen somebody play it, and then you find these cute little birdies called cuccoos… and you instantly want to smacc the living schnitzel out of it, so you do… which makes the cuccoo run away… but if you continue smacking it, it calls out and you suddenly have a giant herd flock of cuccoos raining down on you from all directions doing massive dmg. Basically, my idea is the same thing should happen in Vesteria except you would be smaccing chickens.

is this a coincidence because im playing The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D.

anyways that would be a nice easter egg

Ooo I love that game XD

When I first played the game I honestly thought the chickens did that but when I tried I was disappointed. Would love for that to happen.