Slight Ranger Reworks

So, what I’m thinking is to balance the skills out. First, arrow rain. simply make it hit less times. Easy fix. Second, ranger stance. (the way i see stance is more like entering a trance, so maybe ranger trance? idk) first off, the ROF is wayyy too high. Fix this by lowering it, then balance it with increased damage OR crit chance. Since you’re taking the time to aim, might as well buff crits, i.e. the ability to hit “weak spots”. Finally, Richochet. If it’s just one arrow, it kinda seems useless, to be blunt. instead, make it a timed buff that allows arrows to ricochet off all surfaces. That, or remove it entirely and replace it with a debuffing skill. Maybe flame arrows that apply burn, and scale with INT? LMK what y’all think.

Hail of arrows doesn’t really need a nerf, its good for what it is and that is it acts as an aoe for ranger. Ranger stance is being reworked to more of a “sniper stance” where attack speed is slowed down for more ‘powerful shots.’ Ricochet is being completely removed for a smoke bomb. This is the planned rework for some ranger, however, nothing is set in stone.

this is good, i wasnt aware they were heading in this direction. do we know what the smoke bomb will be? im imaging something like the Destiny 2 Nightstalker Snare Bomb, something that slows/stuns enemies while dealing a bit of damage over time.

Not much info has been really give on it, its mostly just been stated by the devs, but not much action

Hail of Arrows is fine as-is, Ricochet is decent if you actually aim, and I (a Ranger on my main) can do without Ranger’s Stance (ROF increase is WAYYYY too high, I get like 4 seconds of shooting before I use up all of my 1800 arrows). Max lvl Ricochet can take out an entire group of Bandit Skirmishers if you aim it right and have a decent bow.

They’re not going to nerf rangers, but tell me if you want leaks on how they will rework it.

smoke bomb sounds like something fro trickster ngl

They should still make rangers stance into a sniper mode, either that or 2x dmg for all other classes not 1.5x

They doing that (sniper stance


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Ricochet is fine as-is. Go to a bandit encampment in the dunes, and one Ricochet is quite likely to take out the entire group of Skirmishers on a tower. Hail of Arrows is pretty powerful, though. I can just walk up to the base of a Bandit Skirmisher tower, use Hail of Arrows, and they’re all dead in a few taps (I deal over 1k per tap, mine’s lvl 10)

[insert big ranger moment here]

still too op lmao

if all other clases get a damage boost
i want the old stance back

No, trust me, you don’t. As a Ranger main myself, the old stance (speedboost) made me crash from lag, mising out on so many Saraskis the Impaler kills.

Maybe it’s just that your pc is bad. No offense, I never lagged from the old stance.

Same, the old stance didn’t affect me in any way. I’ve seen him mention having to play on a low quality laptop before however so it’s probably that.