Sleepy💤 Wasting time ranting about the game

This is just me wasting my time in a tester chat about 2 weeks ago, there’s a bit to read through, so yeah good luck with that one.


If you got to the end

I don’t care.

Hey ditto that’s why I said wasting my time.

I don’t care.

I really like this, some subclasses should definitely get more love like what’s mentioned above.
some things I’d change personally:

  • All mages types could move while casting spells without extra mana cost, but move much slower, because being trapped in place for 3-5 seconds is often deadly.
  • Ranger definitely shouldn’t get a buff for standing still, it’s pretty much what they do already and do massive damage, a buff would make their dps even more terrifying.
  • I love the cleric heal suggestion, and it should definitely scale on level instead of int (scaling on level would help balance it and prevent it from becoming irrelevant), because with the recent mage bomb stat changes, most clerics swapped their stats around due to mage bomb being their main source of damage. (On a side note I really think poison puddles should be a base thing for clerics / mages, because as a cleric I do more damage with a lvl 25 weapon than I do with a lvl 45 weapon just because of the puddles, and I really think the puddles shouldn’t be locked to a weapon, maybe they could be a perk of a tome or something mages hold in their unused offhand slot?)
  • I also like the idea of cleric giving buffs, it’d definitely be more useful than flare.
  • The drops varied towards class would be great if possible, because some classes just aren’t made for dps and it hurts them immensely, it’d be cool to see clerics/knights getting drops from tanking/healing.
    -The drop system itself is in shambles right now with rangers literally taking all of the loot and leaving people with a couple of mushcoins for their hard work, I don’t really like the idea of limited drops, because the meta build will always get most of the loot. I think the drop amount should definitely be player sided, and calculated through player level (ex. Lvl 49 doing 1k vs level 25 doing 1k), damage, and class/subclass, (ex. Cleric/Knight doing 1k vs Ranger or Beserker doing 1k). Not sure if it is the best idea, but there definitely needs to be some fairness and balance so people who aren’t using the meta build actually get to play the game and experience getting more than mushcoins and common drops.

To sum it up, classes and subclasses should all be good at different things and different roles while being balanced and fair, without classes/subclasses being blatantly better than others. Someone should be able to play a class with a playstyle they enjoy and not suffer
because their class/subclass isn’t the best / the meta.

That’s my opinion on what should change, thanks for reading


I wouldn’t say its a waste of time brainstorming ideas for the game, even if the idea is ignored it could always be a place to come back to in the future. Also I’ve been reading those rants for the past few weeks and I wouldn’t say it was a waste of my time. I flatter you for your in depth analysis of the problem and solutions you come up with accordingly. And yes, there are a lot of things to figure out with subclasses and balancing, since its hard to balance damage and variables for different types of fighting and strategies used by players in game, also agree with the message swinem said above.

assassin is kinda wacky right now for PvE, it’s a glass cannon minus the cannon since berserker, a tankier class, deals way more damage than assassin

Let alone shotgun bows atm for hunters in general.

And sadly this will most likely never happen, and people such as my self and many others, doesn’t matter what or how much we type or talk, nothing is going to change this unbalanced part of Vesteria.

It is a waste of time, I’ve written 10s of thousands of words on how fix aspects of the game. And gets met with. NAH 100% of the time


I dont know why you bothered posting that when developers from the past said they dont listen to the community also the devs dont acknowledge the testers so its better of pinging david in your disc and telling him those things than posting it in the tester chat

literally the whole community about rangers. okay, we get it jeez

I post it so more than just David can see it. We all know that very little of what players say actually gets changed or implemented. And when people ask for things the opposite happens more often than not.

Ask for rangers to get nerfed? Rangers now carry a minigun instead of bows.

Ask for more information on stats/perks? Ability to even see what perks you have gets removed.

Ask for more balance just overall between subclasses? Well you know where I’m going with this.

I was annoyed that day so I decided to write a little.

The argument of “they don’t listen, so it doesn’t matter” can be pretty much used for any conversation pertaining to Vesteria at the current point in time.

All I know is Davidii is the only Dev who even tries to use the Testers to test things, while listening when we ask if we could have X thing to make testing easier. :pensive:

ok buddy

It’s ok boomer

Did a vesteria boomer just say ok boomer to another vesteria boomer?

what I’m about to say is not related to this but I have interest in joining sleepy💤

You could have looked at #discord-servers or even a private message would be better.

thanks :slightly_smiling_face: