Sleeping in Vesteria

Sleeping. This could be a great feature not only as a money sink but as a helpful feature for all players. Add an inn to every major city, in which you can purchase a room for 25-50 silver or so (these rooms would not be separate houses for everyone, no furnishing, it’s not a housing feature). Sleeping in these rooms could temporarily increase your max stamina by 50% for 4 hours or so (does not stack). This would have high incentive due to the extra stamina, but would not be too demanding on silver. As a side note, sleeping would take only around 10 seconds, just your screen going black and waking up with the extra stamina.

Seems creative. Are we adding everything that Minecraft has to vesteria now? If so, nice because it’s time to block hit everyone.

For real though, if this were to be added I think that I would like a napping and a sleeping feature.

Napping is when you pay around 25-50s to stay at that inn placed in the crossroads. Napping can only be done during the day. 4 naps is maximum. It should take around 1 minute. Napping should give a +1 or +2 stamina boost for around half an hour to an hour.

Sleeping is when you pay around 50-100s to stay at the inn placed in the crossroads. Sleeping can only be done during the night. Sleeping should take around 5 minutes. Sleeping would give you +1 to +5 stamina with a small speed boost depending where you sleep. Lasts for half the day cycle.

If there are more inn locations or houses with extra beds, the higher quality, the higher the boosts.

Sleeping/napping in certain locations like the inn in great crossroads is a good money sink.

If you are broke you can choose to sleep outside near a tree, in some hay, etc. If you sleep outside you only get +1 or +2 stamina and it only lasts 1/4 of the day cycle.

I feel as if these numbers may be a little overpowered but idk. Just some of my ideas.

Honestly I think those numbers are under powered. Spending 5 minutes to sleep and paying 100s for it with a chance of +1 stamina and a slight movement speed for only half a day is no good. It needs to be a cheap amount of silver as its not a permanent buff.

Oh I think you misunderstood. Sleeping in the inn for 100s will probably give you 4 or 5. I said sleeping in general will give you 1-5 more stamina. Sleeping outside is 1. Sleeping indoors depending on the place will be 2-5. The higher the stamina gained, the higher the price.

Oh, I thought you meant it was at random, but yeah that’s great. I like the idea of depending on how far into the game the inn or sleeping area is, the more stamina gained/higher price. The buff definitely needs to be at least 1-2 hours though due to the price or it won’t be useful enough.

This. Is. Epic.

Yeah I agree that it should be a set amount of time. Maybe a fraction on the day or the entire day?

Also: the buffs of napping will be decreased if you already have the buffs of sleeping. Napping will give you buffs still, just not as much.

Haha this has got me thinking of an Inn mechanic where you pay to “sleep” and lock your character slot for 8 real-life hours. When you return you have a powerful buff to stamina and maybe even EXP gain that lasts an hour starting when you rejoined.

Wouldn’t be too hard to do and might be fun. We’ll see.



As long as the buff is decent enough the idea will be a good gold sink.

How does +1 Stamina, +20% EXP, +1 ATK, +1 DEF, +25 Max HP & MP for 1 hour sound?


Would be pretty good for a starter inn in Nilgarf.

I’d imagine there would be better inns that give a better, unique boost but are more expensive. Like there could be an inn in Forsaken that gives you a walkspeed buff to help you avoid Mo Ko Tu Aa’s laser. Or maybe even an inn in Whispering Dunes that allows you to resist the effects of the sun in the desert.

Starter inn would be Edith’s Inn in Mushtown though.

There’s also that great crossroads inn I mentioned, idk if it’s the same one.

For 8 irl hours of not being able to play on that slot? Amazing!

What were to happen if you went to sleep in-game, and logged on for only half an hour 8 hours later? If you left would you still have your other half hour of the boost or not?

Yeah, that would be a great way for players to spend money, and isn’t a de benefit despite the 8 hours as it can be something you do right before sleeping IRL. I was originally thinking only stamina, but that works even better due to even more buffs. Thanks for replying!

set all your slots to sleep, go sleep irl, and wake up again invigorated in both worlds