Skill points pr0blem

Well as a hunter, if we hit lvl 25 we can max all those skills, but what if we hit lvl 26, we might can’t use them i guess, that’s horrible, Ber pls handle this issue

What happens is you get extra skill points past lvl 25 so it will comstantly say 1/2/3/4/5 skill points available but u can’t use them

Ye but those points wont carry to subclasses

yes but subclasses won’t even be available at level 30 so those points will be in your original class anyway

If the devs dont plan on adding any more skill upgrades after you max them all, you probly won’t get any more skill points, once you unlock your subclass, you will earn separate points for the subclass because it’s probably a different book(I’m assuming this anyways, based on what happened with the classes alrdy made) and when u unlock the subclass your skill points u get might not even be based off of your level, it could be something else, but if it is based off your level then, lvl 25 unlocks subclass -> gets a point every lvl up until 30 (5 points), and, lvl 30 unlocks subclass -> recieves 5 points to put Into subclass as soon as it is unlocked (5 points)