Skill ideas for the Knight subclass

Some ideas I got for the knight subclass. I did the testing for it and it only had one ability. So here two other ideas. 1. Mighty Shield. Upon use consumes 25-30 mana and calls a giant shield down in front of the player causing a shockwave to go out in front of it in a radius knocking down enemies and doing little dmg before disappearing. It’s a CC ability. 2. Mighty Armor. Upon use consumes 50 mana and applies a special armor set upon the knight and giving him an aura that grabs the Argo of all enemies in the aura radius causing them to attack the knight. Upon getting hit the armor will lose durability but heals teammates every time it’s hit. Starting durability could be 1000 and heals all teammates for 500. There are my ideas.


What do you mean “here we go”? You think it’s good? I hope so. :smiley:

No subclass moves are already in the works and most likely have been already decided. These are interesting however, I’m sure that Davidii, the one working in subclasses, has decided the moves. Perhaps some of your ideas is being implemented but until we get more sneak peaks assume that moves have already been decided

Gotcha. :+1:t2:

Nothing’s final bud, these are good suggestions and knight abilities are still in the works. Don’t just be toxic and tell every good suggestion post that you can’t make any suggestions when you 100% can.