Skill Ideas For All Classes

Well If You Are In A Multiplayer Game You Will Normally Want To Have A Mix Of Class, Such That Not Everyone Is The Same Class. Obviously Depending On The People Playing, They Could Get That Strategy To Work, But It Would Take A Long Time To Perfect Due To The Overlapping Roles.

All I’m Trying To Say Is Having A Mixture Of Classes/Roles Is Always The Best Thing To Do Useless 1 Role Is Incredibly Overpowered.

Yes, this was the idea with my ability ideas, it would allow players to have certain dynamics in the party, rather than just having a rag-tag group of people with the same class and similar stats, it would be more beneficial to the people who have at least 1 of each class.

Let’s break it down into Healer/Support, Tank, Melee DPS, And Ranged DPS

Every class should have at least 2 of these in my opinion.

Mage- healer/support, and ranged dps with splash and single target,

EDIT: I did hear that they want to add melee mage stuff so players can have diversity kinda things from Poly, so maybe mage could be melee dps too

Warrior- Tank, Melee DPS, and with the paladin support

Hunter- Melee DPS, Ranged DPS (archer) and possible some kind of stat booster/ support role, that’s a bit of a stretch

Now i did name 3 for each but that’s because of the sub class thing, i don’t know how it would be only 2 roles unless they were very similar, it’d be hard

i dont know why but it bugs me so much that you capitalized the first letter of every word

I’ve Mentioned This Multiple Times, As Well It Is On My Profile, Capitalising Every Word Helps Me Read Them.

It helps me too, i mean i can read them just fine but i actually prefer this… i’m just too lazy to type that way myself

I think the system they are making will be great for raids or working together for PVP. Such as fighting a boss with,

Warrior - Tank
Mage1 - Healer
Mage2 - DPS
Hunter - DPS
Healing or DPS depends on what gear and skills you decide to go with, but can both be possible with the same charcter, maybe like a Mage has two options, once they choose one, it will take a certain level or EXP to unlock the next path and start doing that path. Maybe, Lv 15 is the mages choosing point between magic types, at lv 45 you get to choose another path, and so on.

Berezaa actually confirmed 3 sub-classes for mage: One being an Elementalist (DPS), a Priest (Healer), and a third one I don’t remember. I’m not sure how they are implementing this, but it seems they are emphasizing working together.

The 3rd one is warlock which deals more curses and maybe even some DPS and not AP not sure but I hope they get a giant evil sword lol.

Renqueiz i personally think that’s the way it should be, but Berezaa (and maybe poly?) said they want every class to be very diverse, even saying they want a melee subclass for mage… pretty extreme, but it’s their game

I think that’d count as Support? Maybe.

Yeah, Hunter and Mage will be great different DPS’s like Mage will be special attacks that charges over a few seconds doing plenty of damage.

A hunter focuses on fast strike with shorter attack times but less damage,

a Warrior DPS will focus on Health alongside of DPS and damage resistance.

Lol mage skills = Hexaria in a nutshell

same for hunter moves too

I did play the hexaria when classes were a thing as a mage, the hunter stuff was just my imagination

image image image

It was… i never played any other class than mage dude, those are pretty common skills for hunters :confused:
and i never said an exploding arrow

What are you talking about, there are no sub-classes in Hexaria XDDDDDDD

Clearly you havn’t been playing long, i bought the alpha for 1k when they still had the “Mage” “Rogue” and i think the other was warrior

But then i ended up not playing anymore because they havn’t added like any content for ages