Skill Books/Skill Obtainment

When you first decide your faction, you’re automatically given 3 skills to be allowed to start inputting in. I think an interesting feature to add a change to the market place would be skill books that let you obtain skills as drops.

For example, you could make the rarity of these skill books 1/10000 or more depending on the skill, and you could sell it to merchants but its much more valuable to a player. These skill books will require 1-3 skill points to learn the first move on it and then 1 skill point to upgrade it each time.

This will allow for there to be more of a market in vesteria as right now, there’s nothing really worth trading for considering everything can easily be obtained with just a little bit of hard work, and it would make players different rather then having every warrior in the game using the same 3 skills over and over again. This would show uniqueness when joining raid parties, and it would help a player gain prestige.

I realize players are going to have many more skills later on due to subclasses and etc, so maybe you could add a cap on learned skills through skill books, this would make it so theres more room on the toolbar for later on, and a way to make players decide if they actually want to learn these skill books would be so the skill cant be removed in the future ( if a skill point removal system is indeed added)

Some skills obviously cant cross over between classes, but that’s fine. trading works, and players would make more money off of this. Lets say a “Fire ball” spellbook is dropped, a hunter or warrior wouldn’t be able to learn it, but a mage and depending on the subclass, they can.

This were really diversify game play styles and I think that would be an amazing idea. For players who get the same skill book, could it be possible to ‘transform’ the skill book into a skill point for that skill?

I think having a second copy of the skill book to get a free skill point would kind of ruin the point of the skill existing in the first place as that will just allow for a person to have multiple fully upgraded skills. Currently as the system is set is that for an adventurer, you get 9 total skill points and you can allocate them how you wish. But you can’t max out every skill and I’d like to see more of this action where people have different builds. If there was like 3 different skill books for a class for example, people would spend hours of a day grinding nonstop to max out that skill by just getting copies of that book.

Yeah, I guess you’re right at that one.

I like your idea, but it kind of defeats the purpose of having different skills in order to have different builds.

you should add a TL;DR section to your post, please. I’m too lazy to read 1 post for 10 minutes ;-;

Don’t know if this is a good idea

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