Skill/Ability/class revamp

I think the classes and skills don’t match up right like warrior is a tanky dude why does he need a dodge roll id think hunter would need this. I believe itd make more sense for warrior to have something like a agro/taunt to get enemies to target him. Mage shouldn’t have a tp seems mages would usually focus on dps instead of being able to reliably avoid attacks. With a blink should be more squishy in where a tank could make up for focusing aka more logical team fight instead of parties just running around like idiots.

If we don’t have ability to avoid attacks, we die… mages are glass cannons ;-;


I am legit abt to throw my laptop out the window

warrior needs a combat roll so he can, you know, move faster? have you considered the fact that we need some movement abilities?
yes, taking away mages blink makes 100% sense to me, it isn’t like mage is the weakest class of all 3 (in terms of health) and should have some way to escape danger. no, that would be just stupid

the taunt is a cool idea but why can’t warrior get such ability without having to sacrifice their ONE movement ability?

Okay, my thoughts on abilities. Hunter: Remove the throw, don’t understand why a burst melee needs a ranged ability. A stealth that empowers next attack would compensate. As for execute, I believe it should do increased damage based on missing max health close range. However, for range it should do a set amount of damage but blink to the target. Mage: Why the hell does a mage have a blink? You’re a glass cannon for a reason. Perhaps replace it with an abilities that creates a clone for 4-6 seconds that runs in the opposite direction. A blink is simply too strong of an escape for a high burst class. Also the left click shouldn’t be a melee with as high damage as they currently have. Either lower the current damage for melee attacks or change them to short range attacks that drain a small amount of mana. Warrior: I think they need a stun of sorts that’s longer than a short period knock up, maybe add a disabling affect to their slam. Also, they don’t really need a roll you could change it to something such as a reducing damage ability or an armor/hp buff for yourself and party members, For a set time of course.


ok my thoughts: any class can play any role.

there’s a reason why there will be sub-classes in the future, with each sub-class being able to play a different role. for example, mages don’t have to be glass cannons DPSers, they can choose to be warlocks (which are more tanky and deal DoT) or clerics (which are more supportive with light/holy healing)

another example: hunter will be able to have high DPS in short bursts with assassin, bow attacks with ranger (ranged support), or DoT with alchemists

the warrior’s combat roll is their movement skill, the movement/attack skill for hunters, shunpo, is different (


The entire point of having classes is so that you must think about what you’re going to do in the future… If any class could play any role this game would lose complete uniqueness which it’s already lacking considering rpgs are extremely over used… It would simply become a grind fest at that point and a weaker style of Arcane Adventures, nobody wants that.

so you want a completely unique game with the bias that you HAVE to play a specific role as a specific class, when this bias comes from the fact that other games already follow this format? this would mean the game isnt unique at all but alright

He’s referring to the fact there’s a class for everyone not that an assassin can wave around a wand with max strength doing 1000 magic damage…

did you just refer to yourself as a third person…?

also assassins are a sub-class based on quick bursts of physical damage so idk what you mean, if you want magic damage as a hunter then go for alchemist

and to clerify: every sub-class will be unique but it will allow all factions to play any role they want (hence there’s a class for everyone)

Hands are shaking with frustration

I’ll wait till the developers release an update…

Shouldn’t a Warrior have buffing and CC(Crowd Control) abilities though?

I also agree with revamping the skill tree, because it does spark anything as @Grimiore said “unique” in the player, as that’s what this genre is all about. Being unique in an open world of adventure, story and other stuff. :smiley:

read what arcane said if you haven’t, he makes some good points.

My opinion:
All classes need at least one mobility ability, idea being that Hunter would EVENTUALLY have more.
Mages blink makes sense, just don’t make it spammable on low cool down. One thing I kind of agree with is execute dealing more damage depending on missing hp to make it feel more like the name implies. But tbh, the abilities atm are just basic, more will come and problems like Hunter not bursting or mages not being catchable will be resolved