Sk3let0n the builder

uhhhh, I am exited!
new content is always great, but I think we should be excited for the paid-alpha launch this Saturday (aka tomorrow)

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Has any dev actually said that the release is tomorrow? If so can you please screenshot/quote. And I don’t mean them saying 1-2 weeks 2 weeks ago, I mean them saying that “vesteria will release on Saturday October 27th for paid access”.

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they have never confirimed it but they have said multiple times that they would release it tomorrow

But did they actually say it or just the whole 1-2 weeks 2 weeks ago thing.

they have said it yes, but nothing has been confirmed yet

I would be sad if it didn’t release tomorrow because by then it would be over a week past.

HEY GUYS! GOOD NEWS! Its been delayed

*Good/bad news you mean.

sk3le da best!!1

this post doesn’t look silly now

I tried to tell you, I swear.

at the time we all thought it would come out even thought no information was official
maybe we just wanted to believe in the dream so we ignored the facts.
by ‘‘we’’ i mean not you

I’m not sure, but honestly I’m not even sure if the game will release tomorrow. Nobody has said that they will but I finally have a free Saturday so I hope it does.

they haven’t _directly said that they will release it on this Saturday but all signs lead to it being true

Berezaa actually said “weekend” this time and not “up to a week” so hopefully he is sure this time around.

Can we get a quote or screenshot for that?

There You Go.

Or this…

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Cool, so at least there’s more of a chance than last time.