SK and The Order/Company Breakup


Today some drama broke out with SK and The Company. The two have not been too good of allies and they decided to break up. I will not go in depth of why, but today their friendship has broken.

Friday, Dec 14th --is the end

No friendship could sustain such powerful obstacles without breaking. Nothing can be forever, but every single thing can break it at any time. --Fooberr

How about Serenity

It’s not me, or you… It’s the guild with the cute glasses… He just understands me; you know?

rip foob you were a great member of the company and we will miss you

-Conquest from the Company

He wasn’t a member of The Company, but he was there in our hearts. It’s sad to see that you’re not allowed in our Discord anymore. :c

I was never a member, I was an ally, the closest I can get to you.

The Company and Serenity are alright, God would have to come to Earth before I let my good bud Arcane run away from me.

Awww, R.I.P. (100% not salty.)

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Even someone who doesn’t know what’s going on has contracted the disease! COugh cOugh

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I think I’m dying

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This is turning into spam now, stop.


lets be honest it waa gonna happen sooner or later. best not to make a big deal out of it.