Sinister Knights

The Sinister Knights is a friendly guild, which is part of the many out there. Sinister Knights is owned by my good friend, Vexpois. Everyone is able to join no matter what faction, level, or type of person you are in general. We just don’t accept toxicity. When you join the discord server you should be greeted with a few channels. Go to the rules channel and read it over as carefully as you can. After that, you can basically explore the discord. We also have a group, which will be linked down below. If you would like to get a rank, and officially be entered into Sinister Knights you have to be accepted by, Vexpois, or the council, Skuse.

[Vesteria] The Wanderers - Guild Owner - Formless_Fear
Serenity - Guild Owner - ArcaneFxre
Anarchy Order Supremes - Guild Owner - Kazoko

Member count: 48 (will be updated as soon as I can)

Disc server: dm Vexpois#3213 and he will recruit you.



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Can I join?

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