*sigh* why did i do this, i have too much time on my hands

10 days after PA was launched, 6:58PM was when it was completed.

Pfft all my slots r lvl 20+, u r a failed nolifer

im not a failed nolifer, I have basically did all the content in the game so far

you is failed cuz u r not at 20+x3 u lose bam done finished no argument u can make

no I mean if it’s all the content then it’s basically the same as yours

nope I alrdy said there is no argument you can make u lose bam done bai

are you just salty or what your just saying “nope” which is not a reasonable response to a valid point

Stop trying to trigger people, Bean! :joy:

no im just bored and trying to entertain myself srry if u cant tell im joking forgot this is the internet

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Lol anyone who’s played before Paid Access and knows the game, can easily get to 15 in less than 1 hour and 30 mins.

I now feel ashamed of myself, thank you very much.
(I have played since playtests and I’ve repeated it a million times.)

Nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone has their own pace. As long as you’re enjoying the game is all that matters in the end.

Proof that Vesteria community is the best. :point_up_2: