Shunpo Skill Requirement Glitch

With the move called Shunpo used by hunters. A recent update made it so you need 3 Execute levels to unlock Shunpo. Many players that have already maxed the skill aren’t affected by the requirement to use 3 skill points in Execute. I suggest resetting skill point distribution for hunters because it is unfair, also to those who have wasted the points in execute(cos archers dont use execute ._.).

In summary, the Shunpo skill requirement does not affect those who have already used all their points.

Noooo ranger mains don’t need execute, eeeeeee

It can still be useful, like barrage for assassins for extra burst dmg.

Nu that’s illegal

This isn’t really a “bug” more so just a developer screw-up.
Lets make a new category #gameplay-improvements:berezaa-doesn’t-know-what-quality-assurance-is

True, but I would’ve kept my range as hard as possible instead of resorting to execute.


Get a skill reset from that chest in Nilgarf. Otherwise your screwed

what do you think that is?

Ok then use it. Either that or bear with it until Bere resets skill points

k thx i guess but kinda not