Shroompocalypse Teleport Bug *Free Weekend Bug*

We finished wave ten and were fighting the boss at the end I was the party leader and I died. After they beat the boss I couldn’t teleport them back so we all left. We tried to join back into the game but it kept saying “Trying to teleport to a place that is restricted.”
I can’t get any Developer Console information anymore.
The players involved are: zzlgaming1, kentoplayer13, iNumb, and SonOfTheDrifter_YT.

Me and many people can sadly relate to this. It is because of the game trying to teleport you to the regular mushroom forest, and not the demo version. This has made a big impact on FW.

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There’s so many more people who’ve been complaining and told me they have the same issue in the FW main menu, into getting back into the game; I’m just gonna leave this youtube video right here for now.


when you use the stones to destroy the stones

this happened to me too cause my game crashed during
the event now i dont trust it anymore

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@berezaa sorry for ping but this is a serious bug. This bug basically locks players out of their FW saves.


thats true many people i know have quit because of this.Please fix it!