Showcase of how overpowered the Astrologist Sceptre is

offtopic question: how do you get the sceptre

and yeah, that is op :clown_face:

Wow, the effects look so cool.

its so good should be nerf (opposite)

See the thing is is that it actually deals a really good chunk of damage and is extremely spammable (much like Zap back in the day), it’s just that it hardly hits.

Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Also @Anthonychi you get it by finishing the journal quest and picking the staff when asked what weapon you want.

but you can see like 7 stars come out but only 3 hits

i think mana star’s accuracy is much better now

I dont really how you can count that as over powered when my shield bash does more damage and can hit multiple enemies :flushed:
or am I getting r/wooshed

nope it aint

it’s literally just flying through the worm and not doing any damage lol

so I got r/wooshed ok

yesterday tested it on scorpions they hit like 95% of the time