Show amount recieved after tax in trade window

When trading, I hope you can add it so that it will show you how much silver you will receive after tax. For example. If you give someone 100s, it will be shown that after tax, the person will receive 70s. It can save a lot of hassle when trading in silver.

Vote if you wish for this to be implemented too.

Oh wow, it doesn’t show the final balance?

Nope. This change would make a good QoL update

JusT UsE CalCuLatOr

I love telling people they can learn their percentages through Vesteria, but this would honestly just be a simple QoL which would really benefit everybody playing the game.

Strong support.


Can you guys not just do math? :joy:

Jking. I think this would be cool.

dude doing the math is easy af
first, divide the money you pay by 10, then multiply it by three. there, u got 30% of your money paid, now add it to your money you pay and boom, done

You get 70% of the money. Multiplying your offer by 1.3 like you said wouldn’t work, instead you’d have to multiply by 10 and divide by 7. This would give you the total amount of money you’d have to pay.

This is one of the reasons why I think it’s a good idea. People sometimes make mistakes and get charged/ charge more/less

wait so the 30% tax means you pay more or you receive less?
this is kinda confusing for now

Well, say you want to buy something from someone for 1g (1000s).

If you were buying and they wanted you to pay 1g before tax then they would receive 700s (1g - 30% or 300s)

If you were buying and they wanted you to pay 1g after tax then they would receive 1g, and you would have to pay 1.43g (1430s or 1430000 bronze/normal Mushcoins) (approximately).
Using Jonno’s formula, you can see why this happens, since 10/7 (or 100/70) is equal to approximately 1.43.

Basically, to calculate how much you have to pay if the person you’re buying from wants a certain amount after tax, multiply what they’re asking for by 1.43x and you’ll end up with roughly that amount.

This also works in reverse, with the rolls swapped. Say you’re selling something for 1g. You’d receive 700s if they paid exactly 1g, and approximately 1g if they paid 1.4g

Yup. Some people don’t know this, and charge let’s say around 130s thinking that they will get 100s after tax. Hopefully, even if this feature is not added, this post will help spread awareness on how to calculate tax. Personally, I feel people should just state the amount they wish their buyer would pay inclusive of tax to make this much easier.

Bumping this as I feel this post is still completely relevant and would be helpful.