Should Vesteria Be Nominated for the Bloxy Awards?

So… The Bloxy Awards nominee voting is a thing.

There’s a category on Best Roleplaying Game and Best Art DIrection in a Game.

Would Vesteria count as coming out in 2018?

Should Vesteria even get a Bloxy?


Well if it’s a game people like, they can vote for it.
In my opinion this is the best game i’m hyped for this year, maybe i will vote for Vesteria.

Same here.

Well idk bout u all but I voted for Vesteria for like 1/3 of the stuff lol. This game is literally the only reason I even bothered with the bloxys

Idk if Vesteria will win. I mean, not a WHOLE lot of people know about it.

Yea idk lol but it can’t hurt to try right

yes it should be :stuck_out_tongue: and would be. just go out and vote ! lets make it win…