Should this game be paid access?

Personally I believe that it should be less than 1000 R$. As that is really quite alot of cash going out of my pockets to play a roblox game, YES it is a very good game. But 1000 R$ is a big amount. And personally, I believe that paid access should not be based on content, it should be a set price unless the devs make a big decision and decide to raise, or lower the price. Anyways, that’s what I think, it would be awesome to hear what other people think as well! :wink:


I very much agree, personally it would be cool to have an extra little challenge area or something for people that spent money on a game pass. Though if the game passes do give an advantage, I would like for that advantage to have a maximum amount of power to them. Though as you said, Bereza isn’t one to make money grabs. Compare that to Pet Simulator, which has a $400 dollar game pass which is really op. I really hope he finds a nice way of balancing Cost and Fun . The game looks good so far and I hope he will listen to the community to make it even better.


I think that it shouldn’t be 1000R$ because most of the roblox community don’t have that much robux and can’t get that much robux, if it were me i would say maybe 25-150R$

why does this topic exists if…“Is 1000 R$ Fair?”

RIP I have no robux :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Income wise, this is a big gamble.
1000 Robux is something not everyone is willing to spend and it is also a one time purchase, meaning you will still need micro transactions to have continued income.

If you instead decide to release your game for free, yet have content that is still fun but not fully necessary for a great gameplay experience (Special Gear/Cosmetics/Unique Pets/Special Houses/Special Currency) then people can continuously buy your stuff, and play your game.

Stronger players who spend money, or players who spend money in-game in general usually do it for the satisfaction of other players to fight/help in-game. If you just have a bunch of rich people fighting over each other, the game would die off easily with the lack of newer players to smash in the arena or help in boss raids.

Honestly, the devs can do whatever they want, its their game they made it and the choice is theirs.

Ill just leave this here for random information, because, why not ?

They Have Already Said They Do Not Want Micro-Transactions.

I wouldn’t be very suggestive to tell you to make the game 1000R$ to play. You’d be keeping out the people who don’t exactly have that kind of money from the game. I still do however agree with paid access, just to an acceptable price that everyone can afford. 25R$ - 100R$ sounds good in my eyes.

this is in fact false. berezaa never has said anything like this not on his twitter nor anywhere else
the game will cost robux and that is already confirmed but the exact cost is still being debated

Berezaa Did Say That. You Just Haven’t Looked.

This agrument is flawed. Both are different style games, with a differnt player base.

I think we should allow the developers to develop the game THEY want. You can choose to support their vision or not.

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where? please correct me if I’m wrong

It Seems To Of Been Deleted. As It Was On The Site 2 Days Ago.

the big sad

In my opinion, the paid access should be around R$100-150, with R$200 tops.

im poor berezaa pls

We’re not doing R$1,000 paid access as our permanent monetization strategy. We’re specifically doing it so we can have some income while purposefully limiting our playerbase.

We don’t think Vesteria is ready for the general market yet, and we don’t think it will be for quite some time. We want to limit how many people play Vesteria because it’s not in a finished state and we don’t want people to burn out on it.

However, we do want a small dedicated playerbase to always be in the game so we can get feedback and grow a community without exposing ourselves to the greater public.

That’s really our main reasoning behind paid access. We also think that we’re creating a great game that’s going to be worth $10, and we sincerely believe that new players will keep buying the game as long as we keep working to make it the best RPG ever.


As Berezaa Said The Paid Access Will Allow Hardcore Fans To Play More And Then Why The Game Is Ready, The People Not So Willing To Pay For It Will Be Able To Play With The Extra Content. All The While, When This Is Happen Paid Access Users Can Just Go Straight Ahead.

I. Will. Buy. the. Game. Regardless. of. the. Price.

I will as well. The game isn’t even close worth 25-100 R$.

I mean, sure
1k robux is a lot and its a bummer
but I have spent more robux on stupider things so I’m fine with it