Should this game be paid access?

What do you think about the game being paid access? I believe that if it were, it would be an amazing decision for the developers. The amount of income to help support them would be so much. Miner’s Haven is also giving quite a decent income, so they may not even need to.

A post from Berezaa on his twitter said that he is thinking about the released version being paid access to let the good people in and prevent exploiters. Personally, I think it’s a great idea. He also said it might even be R$1,000, with the following:

"We’re actually thinking we might end up going for R$1,000 as our final price. Here’s why:

  • We develop fast
  • We plan to be paid access for a long time
  • We don’t plan to ever lower the paid access price
  • If we do go free, we will reward players who bought the game"

What are your thoughts?


Rip anybody who doesn’t have R$ but enjoys the game.

Rest in peace for anyone without enough robux.

I honestly don’t like this idea, about 5% of the ROBLOX community can actually afford this which means the game probably wont have more then a couple hundred concurrent players which reduces the exposure.

Also you cant participate in any events or other promotional things which I think would be pretty cool for a game like this.

If its R$1000 for the first couple months then thats fine but if they aren’t gonna lower it, it could hurt the game.

If you’re truly a fan of the game, you’ll buy paid access. I agree with Bereza’s choice because paid access supports the creators during development.

Personally, I’d be fine if like in two weeks, save data resets and it goes into public beta for 50-100 R$ until the game is finished. Once the game is finished, those who paid for it would get a cool cosmetic. (data would reset as well when it’s finished)

Some people just aren’t able to buy the game if they really wanted to.

It’s honestly a good idea in my eyes. They have a source of income, and they can prevent exploiters. 10/10

I do agree, but there are people who have been following Vesteria since the beginning and been in the Bereza games community for years who cant afford to buy it. I feel like 25-50 would be a reasonable price just to get a lot of exposure while still making profit.

its not like these guys are poor

I understand that, and those players will have to wait until the game is released fully. We can’t expect to get something amazing for free just by being a supporter of the game.

For all the game is worth and good reception, I suggest 75 to 100 Robux paid access.

Even 100 is too low for this masterpiece.

I do agree, but there are people who have been following Vesteria since the beginning and been in the Bereza games community for years who cant afford to buy it.

I won’t act like someone who has been following Vesteria since development started, because I’m not. However, I have been following Bereza for many years now and supported the development of his many games. I’ve always bought game passes like Premium Membership in Miner’s Haven or V.I.P. Access! from 2PGFT just to support Bereza and be a slightly bigger part of his communities.

its not like these guys are poor

They’re not poor, nowhere close to. However, most developers find getting paid for their creations motivating and continue to develop their games because of that reason, especially developers like Bereza. And most of the forum members are probably not developers, so let me tell you-- the work that Bereza and his team have done is amazing and it’s extremely time-consuming just to make a small Mushroom enemy. Like I said before,

We can’t expect to get something amazing for free just by being a supporter of the game.

You’re completely right. Cube, I would like to ask, what is your recommendation of payment for paid access?

Lets look at “Welcome To Bloxburg”. It is a game that is currently 25 robux and yet is one of the most popular and highest rated game on the platform.

In other words, it doesn’t have to be 1000 robux for the game to make money. Coeptus(creator of Welcome To Bloxburg) is still making hundreds of thousands of robux just by people buying paid access.

If we’re putting the entire game into perspective-- let’s say, the game doesn’t become free. I would expect it to be priced at 1,000+ R$. If we’re counting the game as of the last update (since we don’t know how today’s update looks like) I would price this game currently at 100-150 R$. However, with each update, the game would get more expensive due to more content. I believe prices should be based on content as well as the amount of fun you can have while playing.

@IronicLife ^ here’s my price reccomendation

What about DLC’s?

DLC’s / Game Passes should also be based on content and fun. However, if game passes are like Premium Membership from Miner’s Haven, where the game pass gives you more resources per login, and isn’t really a content/fun game pass, but gives you a huge advantage, it should also be priced high. I can’t measure the actual amount of R$ for DLC’s without having any idea what they’d be about, but Bereza isn’t one to make a random money-grab game pass.

I’m fine with 1000 R$ as an early access fee, but for a permanent fee I think it should be lower. If look at Bloxburg, you can still get plenty of people for 25 R$

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I don’t expect the game to have a permanent fee, seeing as how it would slowly make the game die because:

  1. Players who own the game won’t be able to play with their friends if they can’t afford the game.
  2. New players won’t be introduced to the game, instead, they’d be warned off by the massive 1k+ R$ price.
  3. Old players would eventually get bored with the game and leave.

Though I do agree having paid access during development, I do not agree with paid access after the game is finished. :x:

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