Should Rangers be nerfed?

I wanted to make this poll to see how many people wanted rangers nerfed and why? Also I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts and feelings about this specific matter.

  • Major Nerf
  • No Nerf
  • Minor Nerf

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Here comes meta about to say “ranger isnt as op as you think”

just change the stat perk to be like magic bomb where barrage changes depending on the stat
and remove stance


nerf them jesus they are so busted in so many ways like they are ranged make them do 1/4 of the dmg the do now

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Easy add damage dropoff

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Just remove Ranger’s Stance and you got a balanced class. Sounds easy, right? Well, not really.

Rangers are not only OP, but the fact is that Hunters in general are OP because of the stat perks with bows.

Honestly, because of how the bow buffs with stats works, Barrage is very easily overshadowed by the basic attack after ~50 points in each stat. There’s no reason to use it when you get pierce AND the same number of arrows by using it. Most of the stat perks for the bow basic attack should be moved to the Barrage skill like how it is for Magic Bomb. It is unfair that bow users are the only ones who reap the benefits of stat perks directly towards their basic attack.


i stand corrected

I voted Major Nerf, and this is super super obvious. Even I wanted to make this kind of poll.

Remember that this dexterity bow problem is not like the upgrades on magic bomb. This is BASIC attack upgradee, and since rangers are pretty much basic attack reliant, its pretty much DOUBLING their DPS.

At 35 dexterity or something, you can double your DPS? If you say that is not nerf worthy, you clearly have no idea how balance works

I am not even sure HOW this balance got through the testers before the release of the update, but even if I was not bias for mage, I am 100% sure I would still be speaking up for the nerfing of the dex bow bonuses for these rangers.

Barrage is an ability, and these dex buffs pretty much turn an ability into a BASIC ATTACK.

no cooldown, no mana cost

Well rangers use their basic attack majority of the time while mages use their abilities alot more. The imbalance of the dps in rangers is mostly from ranger stance which essentially makes your basic attack faster.

Also, not to mention that (as far as I can tell) only Rangers/bow Hunters gain any sort of perks from the stat perks. Assassins/melee Hunters have no reason to do anything other than some DEX and mostly STR.

Even without ranger stance, you’re still strong (not just a little bit better than other classes, im talking many times better still)

I do not need to explain.

they are pretty much annoying as heck since ever subclasses were released

I think this gives my answer:



remove stance and only make them able to invest in one of the 3 ranger stat perks and also nerf dex perks

muda muda muda muda

ranger is so trash!!! it cant even one shot a level 20 mob smhhh

I voted no nerf simply due to the fact that ranger is clearly the most balanced class in the game. in the video shown by karrot a ranger even struggles killing a simple baby yeti.

it uses so much arrows tho so i voted for a small nerf because i think this new ranger update made ranger more fun i think if anything they make it higher amounts of dex for a certain number of arrows but im sure this wont work lol idk i just dont want them to get nerfed real hard to the point that they cant be a good class

Major nerf is the way to go, let me ask you a simple question:

Is it worth the arrows?

Major nerf! The stat changes to skills should be applied to skills like barrage or execute not the basic attack. Like fr barrage needs some love guys

I like the bow buffs since it helps out the other hunter classes which are largely overshadowed by rangers.

That said rangers are cancerous because their dps is too high and their incessant arrows lag out the server.

My suggestion would be to remove the three arrows per shot perk and replace it with something like a pierce attack or an cone shaped AoE. For the latter replace the int perk with a burn similar to meteor.