Should I write a fanfic cuz im bored

title says it all, dont bully me


why not


why not

ofc, can you get me some KFC on the way :clown_face:

Do it


Yasssss join fanfic gang

Yes, fanfic gang welcomes you.

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anti-fanfic gang don’t like this

its out of boredom, i was planning to write a creatite story kind of thing, maybe consisting 5 pages long, no continues, just one take, maybe even over 2k works

fanfic was the first thing i came up with so i slapped it in there

You cringe begone atom

enthusiast pog

do it

theres one story on wattpad about vesteria, it has 53 reads, can you beat it?

Go for it. Go all the way.

lmao you’re the guy who payed my friend to die in sqr i still remember that


SQR has no death penalty y’know.