Should I buy Vesteria?

With Black Friday coming up, I’m a little hesitant to purchase Vesteria because I might miss out on buying limited items.

Also, I’ve had this desperate urge to play ever since I found out about the game yesterday. Furthermore, it’s been on my mind for countless hours: whether to buy it or not. So far, a lot of people, from Reddit and YouTube videos, have told me that it isn’t worth 800 Robux due to lack of content. Despite hearing this, I still want to play. What are your guys’ thoughts?

Finally, is there even going to be a Roblox Black friday Sale this weekend? Thank you guys for answering in advance; this game seems to have a lot of great potential as an MMORPG.

I mean its pretty fun if you want to throw away a few hours grinding some mobs. Combat is good and the game plays really well.

If 800 Robux is nothing to you, I’d say go for it its a decently fun little game that will only get better. You can also think of it as an investment as the game wont lose paid access anytime soon. If not, I would hold out and wait until more mechanics and content are added.

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Here’s a video that explains the benefits of Vesteria. It’s a great video!

From statistice, despite the 800 robux fee, the community is enjoying Vesteria a lot! Within 48 hours of alpha release the game jumped up to the #1 rank in the Highly Rated sort. You see quite a lot of players enjoying the game. Its the type of game you get hooked on, and there is already a huge road implanted, to transition from a new player into an experienced, well-seasoned one.

PLUS, the game is still in early development, we’re still in Alpha!! About bi-weekly, you may get a whole new feature to explore. Getting involved from the very beginning is always fun and exciting, so why not!