Should a Full Wipe Occur?

Throughout the course of Vesteria’s history, wipes have been proposed (and occasionally done) multiple times. Although there has been multiple times in which a full wipe has been proposed, it seems that this time is the most likely time a full wipe would occur. This has caused much debate within the community, with individuals either for or against the wipe.

Before we begin, for those who are unaware a full wipe would essentially be similar to the resets that occur between weekends in the free weekend version of Vesteria. All levels, money, items and storage of all players is completely reset. It’s essentially as if though you are starting Vesteria for the first time. Some things do remain; however. All badges (and rewards which may come with them) are kept. All special roles are also kept (so if you are a tester, you keep that role). Everything else is gone.

One thing to mention is the previous money/enchantment wipe. This was not a full wipe, and was instead to repair the economy and overpowered weapons rather than to give everyone a fresh start. Although many people proposed a full wipe during this time (due to the inflation from the Terror of the Deep, exploiters, etc.) a full wipe was not performed.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s begin discussing the logistics of a full wipe for Vesteria.

The idea of a full wipe has been passed around for a long while, but was officially endorsed by berezaa on November 17th, 2019 at 6:57 PM EST on the Vesteria Discord server, when he stated,

Essentially, this confirmed that the idea of a full wipe is on the minds of the developers for when Vesteria is released for free. This caused some conversation, although not much considering it appeared that berezaa was on the defence about the idea of a full wipe, and rather than trying to force the idea that a full wipe would be 100% beneficial for Vesteria, he instead stated that he understood why individuals would not want their data to be wiped. In general, people believed that a full wipe would most likely not occur when the game is released for free.

Then, a few days later, on November 19th, 2019 at 7:46 PM EST on the Vesteria Discord server, berezaa stated the following:

Essentially, this re-ignited discussion about the full wipe. This time, berezaa was not holding back on the idea, and rather than approaching it with hesitancy, he flat out asked how to get more people invested on a full wipe, enough to make it a majority decision.

This, once again, sparked discussion within the community. And now we are here, continuing this discussion from the Vesteria Discord, onto the forums.

So why is a full wipe being proposed, and why are people from the community supporting it? It’s obvious why people are against a full wipe, so there is no real point going into detail about the psychology of why individuals dislike having their work being undone, but why individuals and berezaa support a wipe requires some knowledge about the current state of Vesteria, and the vision for Vesteria in the future.

Let’s begin with why berezaa would like to do a full wipe of the game. As seen in the quote above, he believes it will “make the experience so magical for everyone”, similar to the magic experienced every weekend in the free weekend zone, where players get to re-do the initial quests that they may have forgotten about, re-visit dialogue options that they might not have picked their first playthrough and completely missed and overall get to experience the beginning of the game again.

Furthermore, take a look at this quote:

Essentially a full wipe would also, according to berezaa, help improve the game due to players being able to re-experience the beginning of the game and provide feedback, something which the free weekend was supposed to be used for but never ended up working out. This may be; however, because many players who are able to provide good feedback have no incentive to play the free weekend version of the game. Improving the game is essential to gaining new players, as berezaa stated. Thus, even though some players may quit, many new players would join.

We also know why the community would want a wipe, and as far as I can tell it’s for one main reason. The economy is currently in shambles, arguably worse than when the Terror of the Deep was first introduced, one of the main reasons for the previous money wipe. Money sinks may help, but due to the amount of money players already have, it would be difficult to completely save the economy without a full wipe and numerous money sinks, or a full wipe, money sinks and money made more difficult to earn.

Next, let’s discuss what would happen in the case of a full wipe. First, it would be for full release, meaning that this wipe most likely will not happen any time soon.

Second, assuming that full release goes as proposed, alpha and beta players would receive Vesteria Premium immediately. Alpha players would have it for life, beta players for three months. For those unaware, Vesteria Premium gives you more slots with the ability to earn even more slots by reaching level 30 on all previous slots, and daily monster bounties for Ethyr rather than coins.

Third, assuming that a full wipe would be done as proposed as of right now, top players would receive NPCs of themselves somewhere in the world.

Fourth, large balance changes would be made to subclasses in order to convince players to stay and grind back up to level 30.

Fifth, new items would be added, both early and late game, to help with progression.

There is most likely some things I am forgetting or missing there, but that’s in general what could be expected with a wipe as proposed. Of course, this list is obviously missing money sinks, which is a bit of a problem, but they would most likely be introduced soon after the wipe.

That’s all I really have to say about the proposed wipe. I don’t really have a strong opinion on it, although I am more leaning towards pro-wipe (which might be evidenced by my tone throughout this post). Anyways, I’ll conclude with a poll.

Knowing all of the information above, do you believe that a full wipe of Vesteria should occur?

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Neutral, literally don’t care
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

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I would personally prefer a soft wipe, having everyone’s old slots locked and left with clean slate until they get a brand new slot to level 30.

As with a full wipe, economy measures should be in place before a wipe is even considered. The money/enchant wipe barely helped because there were no things in place to counter inflation and there was nothing to spend money on. The Wayferer Ticket was too little too late at this point.


Both of yall, keep in mind of this. A full wipe would anger most of the community and here is berezaa’s solution for a “Wipe”

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I prefer this better ^

hm. that DOES sound good, like we can still flex our beta or alpha rank in the chat XD

WIPE WIPE WIPE WIPE wipe chants intensifies


A sudden wave of new chants overpower the wipe chant.


The thumping in your head hurts


The thumping doesn’t stop


You mute the chat.


The thumping continues


You plug your ears


The thumping continues


You scream in hopes that it would block out the thumping


This is your life now…

when they say “it’s not planned”, it will happen

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I bouta transfer my items to a new account.

My only issue is with Berezaa’s word choice. He ‘entertained the idea of wiping’ not ‘fantasized with’. To say ‘he fantasized with the idea of wiping’ is not only wrong word choice, but a misplaced modifier. It sounds like he, and a physical being that was the ‘idea of wiping’ both fantasized together. I expect more out of Berezaa than this.

If Berezaa were to full wipe the game, I may just come back to play.

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if a wipe happens burgerbrezza needs to listen to people and stop ruining the economy making any further wipes necessary cough whale bounty book

my idea is give players who have levelled up past a certain point an extra stat and treat the wipe for them as a rebirth giving them an extra stat point or two who cares just give them something

cool thing is any new players bonking into the game can also choose to rebirth and get points as well so its even they just have to grind like other people did

but seeing as it came from me if bruhezza actually reads the forums probably just saw my name and turned ultra snowflake hence the idea probably wont get added

Real question should be “why propose a full wipe?” this game has been changing for months on end and at this very stage all a full wipe would accomplish is reset the dozens, if not hundreds of hours of progress players have made.

The enchantment wipe was to implement a fairer leads inflated upgrade system and money was cleared with the additional removal of Terror of the Deep. The economy is inflating “and there aren’t enough money sinks!” right now the economy is fine for where the game is right now.

I strongly agree that we should completely wipe the game. Have you noticed the amount of players with really good items? Its common in fact, that players should have at least a tiki weapon for their subclass with +4 70% at least. Have you noticed that players have way too much gold that doesnt seem possible? Players are reaching 20+ gold even after the wipe.

Players can get level 35 in a single week, which is only 30 hours of total gameplay (playing for at least 4 hours each day). Anyone can become the best, there really is no “best” at this point. Everybody is the same. Back in alpha, having a golden weapon was almost impossible. Players spent months trying to get a good weapon. Now you can get a good weapon without trying.

This is the order they should be doing things if wipe does occur:

1: Decrease weapon drop chance for any boss.
2: Increase level scaling a bit.
3: Remove 0 punishment upgrades (make it so you lose equipment chances again).
4: Full Wipe

Sure, I’ll ask ber to wipe your account exclusively.

On a serious note,

I do not agree with this. I hated getting double consequences for scroll failure. Maybe just make (great) scrolls harder to get instead?

I do agree that it is quite easy to get a pretty good weapon in the current endgame, and it should be changed to be far more difficult. Getting a full great Moko Tuaa weapon is a cakewalk at this point, and getting a full ancient one is not difficult at all, just a little bit of grind.

Ber is reworking the EXP curve to be a little more difficult at early levels, but much less grindy at higher levels.

People who have +4 Tiki equipment spend hours grinding for it. Everybody also knows that the Tiki weapons are worth less than Spider gear just because of how common they are. The tiki weapon drop rates are to be lowered and are only a stop-gap until level 40+ content.

Seeing an end game that people earn 1,000,000,000 (level 70+) I hardly believe that even having 50 Gold at this point in the game is much of a stretch. It isn’t difficult to farm raw gold from mobs to begin with. Besides all of these points, a full wipe wouldn’t change this either.

Now that the scroll system is more versatile and doesn’t carry such tremendous risk, weapon drops from bosses should be lowered. Equipment in Vesteria deserves to feel earned, because right now it doesn’t. Everybody wants to flex. How common everything is doesn’t diversify players from each other at all.

I can’t agree with this. I would prefer rarer equipment and a more fluid scroll upgrade system rather than more common equipment with a harsher upgrade system - it’s one or the other.

Honestly I just want it so IF they give a full wipe BUT leave your level at level 30 or where you’re at at the time. I’m just really lazy and levelling up takes too long now. Why not reset quests as well if they do it?

Edit: made a few things added on

berezaa doing a poll cause he’s “bored”

vesteria discord melted into a single braincell

Yeah I think I’ll be sticking to the forums for proper discussion

You’re not the clown, you’re the entire circus.