Shop with me because i would with you :c NEW STORE

SELLING; (you can offer)
Tuaa Shield
Moko Maul (x2)
Webbed staff
Spider Bow

how much for spider bow?

i want it for my ranger

How Much For Yetti Lad

Offer, if you still want it

Yetti boots been sold

dang it

My shop has yeti boots (Vesteria Shop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) btw i want webbed staff @aglass10

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offer for the staff

how much u looking for

are u warrior mage or hunter

i will buy spider bow for 200s/ maybe more, : l
i will be playing tomorrow
tell me your roblox account name so i can friend you and join in my server to trade

thats if i still have it by tomorrow

sorry been busy c;
im a hunter and warrior

hmm do u want my gladiator set?

naw colo gear too over priced now… compared to when i could buy it for cheaper. Got my new spider bow 5x Cursed scroll so ima stay on that for now

BUT i will buy some grey die off u

: (
dont sell it to anyone else pls

ill hold on to it for u dw

I have grey dyed glad armor

I want webbed staff

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