Shields for Warrior Classes

Perhaps there could be a shield skill where you can press a button and it pulls out a quick shield in front of you. You could upgrade how fast you pull it out, or how much damage it can take.

It should have a cooldown of like a min, have like 3 tanks switch out on boss raids while mages attack from afar, and hunters get shots in while the boss hit’s the tanks

Agreed. Spamming shield would probably make warrior OP

Oh my word, that would be amazing. I’m putting a vote on this.

Maybe one of the sub-classes would let the warrior have a shield. Like the Paladin one they talked about.

I Think Warriors In General Should Have It As They Would Be The Tankiest Classes.

They also need to remove the warriors first skill move and replace it with something else. Most of the time, it does no damage because of the hitbox and it doesn’t do more damage than your normal clicking slash. It is a horrible first move skill. It leaves you vulnerable at no exchange because it does less damage than a normal attack which you can land without taking damage.

One of my ideas of an attack to replace it with is one big slash which moves you a few studs. This will do 1.75x or 2x more than a normal slash attack and it will leave you vulnerable for around half a second. This way, it is a useful attack which grants a valuable exchange for damage taken and damagae done.

I don’t know if you only have 1/5 skill points in it, but it should get stronger when it’s maxed (i’m not a warrior though) but i agree, they need to make skills stronger from when you first get them, you shouldn’t have to level 5 more times till you actually start using the ability.

I have the Ground Pound skill max level 5/5. Trust me. It is still trash. I have seen somewhere on a post that the devs do know about how bad the skill is. I’m pretty sure they plan on either fixing it or replacing it with a new skill in the near future. Shields on Warriors sounds like a good idea for a sub class/ability.

Alright, it’s similar with the magic bomb though, when you first get it it does 20 damage, which is terrible, it get’s up in the hundred-two hundreds at 5/5, but it should start doing more than your base dmg, otherwise what’s the point

That’s what makes the Ground Pound skill trash. It still does less than my base damage at Max level and it leaves us vulnerable for about 4 seconds since the animation takes forever. I also noticed I would sometimes get stuck in place for an extra 2 seconds after the skill has ended. All in all, the skill right now is basically pointless to use when you can just basic attack like 6-8 times instead.