Shared Loot Between Personal Characters

With this people could have a more enjoyable time making a new class and could show they finished the game or got this far. this would also alow items that were droped buy a boss that might be class bound available to your other characters that go down that path.

this would let people get an easy head start with new characters or worse
get op early game equipment
and what about items that don’t have a level requirement? it would be chaos

it also defeats the point of starting fresh over with a new character / faction

At The Same Time You Could Just Give Every Item In The Game To A Low Level Account. Then Whenever The Reach A Level Threshold They Can Just Equip It. Meaning The Game Would Just Be Useless.

All weapons will be level required (so far that i have seen). people will not be over power. this will only transfer weapons and armor not positions to make them invincible. its only to reduse useless weapons that can be gain from a boss.

i disagree

you might disagree but it does defeat the point of starting over to experience the game from the start
it would also give you some pretty op early game equipment
ether way this probably won’t be a thing

you dont need to use the gear. but i see what you are saying this could case a problem but if the game is balance egnof this could fit perfectly.

Also, how can we stop a high level player giving an item to an alt, then the alt gives the items to the main accounts new character.

Would we just add a punishment for whoever is caught exploiting the trading system?
Will we have a punishment for robux or IRL trading?

there is a level requirement for a reason, all they could do (as I already have said) us give some op starting game equipment and hard to find weapons (+ things that might not have a level requirement in the future)

trading robux for in-game items isn’t allowed and i am 90% sure IRL trading would be illegal so yeah, there would be punishment

Getting a head start with a new character isn’t necessarily bad- you’ve done a lot of grinding already anyway. There’s a Minecraft RPG called Wynncraft which uses this mechanic and it’s a great help on new characters.

I do think a level requirement before access would be necessary, or potentially a quest. I also think that it should only be accessible from certain areas (like towns), and that some items can’t be deposited (i.e. non-tradable items). But then again, most items have level requirements anyway. It’s just a shortcut to trading anyway- instead of giving items from one character to an alternate user and back to your secondary character, just cut out the middle man and create a bank.

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