Share your Vesteria Discord communities with the world!

Recently, we made the decision to close down public chatrooms in the official Vesteria Discord server, due to the fact that these conversations were often off-topic, low-quality and that the presence of official chatrooms encouraged bandwagoning and mob mentality behavior which negatively impacted the team and, ultimately, the game itself.

However, we recognize the value of Discord servers, and want to offer upstanding members of the Vesteria community an opportunity to share their server with the world. To this extent, we’ve created a new public bullitin where server owners can advertise their servers, subject to moderator approval.

Posting is restricted by trust level. We also ask that all servers posted be primarily Vesteria-related. Your postings will be view-able by the public and will be indexed by search engines.

Please read the About post for more information:



So guild section but not guild section? Ok cool

ayyyeee we did it boys

why don’t we just add the chat rooms back? but, while bringing them back. add an OFFTOPIC chatroom. ok kappa

mostly because you won’t update your game
well, in my opinion


If people want high quality conversations they’d go to the forums. Discord is supposed to be a casual chat where the community can talk with each other in real-time, and in my opinion, about whatever they want as long as it abides by the server rules. Most MMO discord servers have an off-topic chatroom, a better solution would have been having both #mushtown and #off-topic. People who want to talk about Vesteria can talk in #mushtown, and people who want to talk about anything else can go to #off-topic. This solves the off-topic complaint. The “low quality” conversations may still exist, but it can’t be helped, this is a discord for a roblox game. About the band wagoning and mob mentality, getting rid of the discord may reduce it, but it’s really just going to happen on the forums now instead.

That being said, I am glad though that Berezaa is making a public bulletin board to help people find Vesteria discords easily.

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I can’t reply to posts, is this the end of the spray!?

As of right now all of the guilds in the section have already been sprayed (except for Vesteria Trading Hub which I don’t consider a guild). We’ll see how long it lasts before new guilds start popping up there, or old guild posts which have never been sprayed are moved there.

What does it mean for a guild to be sprayed?

someone posts the sacred anti guild spray image on a guild post


Good enough for me!

Im just going to wait for the first person to post anti guild spray on a guild or something and go off of that.

Glad we can agree this is a national disaster.


Oh no…

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